Increase Breast Size Naturally using Siddha Medicine

After receiving more emails asking for suggestions to enlarge the breast naturally we planned to write an article on that to help everyone.

breast enlargement herbs

The breast gives femininity, confidence and self esteem to a woman, smaller breast reduces their confidence and sometimes it leads to increased stress. The modern way to enlarge the breast by surgery and some pills costs more and it offers you free side effects but when it comes to herbs it is cost effective and it does not lead to any side effects. The Herbs Liquorice, Abresprecaterius and Fenugreek are used to Increase Breast Size Naturally in Siddha Medicine. These not only increase the size of the breasts naturally it also gives the shape and firmness to the breasts without surgery.

Breast Enlargement Using Siddha Medicine

The below are the some of the best ways to increase breast size naturally using Siddha Medicine

  1. Liquorice Paste: Grind the Liquorice (அதிமதுரம்) with milk and apply the paste on breast and leave it overnight to absorb. This promotes the growth of the breast naturally, reduces the wrinkles in the breast and improves the shape and firmness of your breasts.
  2. Some females have very smaller breast or no breast at all. Abresprecaterius (குன்றிமணி) tree root will help to enlarge their breast. Take the root of the Abresprecaterius (குன்றிமணி) and wash it with fresh water. Grind the root well by adding the lemon juice. Applying the paste on the breast increases the breast growth.
  3. Fenugreek is used to enlarge the breast naturally by balancing the hormones in women. The Oestrogen like property of fenugreek helps in breast enlargement. Take necessary amount of Fenugreek powder with water and form it like a paste. Applying and massage the Fenugreek paste on breast and wash it after 30 minutes helps in enhancing the breast size naturally.
  4. The flavonoids present in the Fennel seeds (பெருஞ்சீரகம் விதைகள்) helps increasing the size of the breast. Add few fennel seeds to the cod liver oil and boil it well. Apply the warm oil in breast and massage it well for better result.
  5. Consuming Sunberry Spinach (மணத்தக்காளி கீரை) Kootu/Subji with Moong dal and onion 3 to 4 times in a week facilitates the growth of breast.
  6. Apply Ulundu Thailam (Masha Taila) on breast and massage it well in the clock and anti-clockwise for 15 minutes and leave it overnight. In the morning massage it with white egg yolk and wash it after 15 minutes for better result.
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  1. Sir,i fed up to find these roots & herbs in online.,will you pls suggest me to where to buy these products???/ plss????

  2. Hi Kabila,

    I am sure that some of the herbs mentioned above will be available in your kitchen. You can any one of the suggested tips.

    I am not sure about the availability of the drugs online but you can buy those in the nearby retail herbal drug store (நாட்டு மருந்து கடை).


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